U.S. Expat Dual Residents
U.S. Expat Dual Resident?

Dual Residents

As a U.S. citizen or green card holder, even if you have permanently moved to a foreign country you still need to file annual U.S. tax returns. But, you will likely qualify for special tax benefits that can reduce or eliminate your U.S. tax liability. These rules are complex and ignoring your filing requirements can lead to substantial penalties and increased taxes in future years that could have been avoided. Your H&R Block expat tax advisor understands your needs and regularly assists dual-residents with their U.S. taxes. We pass the savings that our knowledge and experience brings on to you. And our remote service makes the whole process painless.

If you haven’t been filing, the time to take action is now. You’ve probably heard of FATCA and the new rules requiring foreign banks to begin reporting information about certain U.S. citizen account holders. Don’t spend another moment worrying about your U.S. taxes. The IRS is currently offering an amnesty program for dual-residents who might have mistakenly overlooked some of these complex reporting requirements or didn’t realize that they needed to file at all. This program could end at any time so consult your H&R Block expat tax advisor right away to determine your options.

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